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Veneers are widely used to enhance smiles. And, contrary to popular belief, no anaesthesia is required for this simple and quick procedure. If you’re looking to improve the colour or shape of a tooth, or to fill a space between two teeth (diastema), a veneer can hide minor dental imperfections.


A veneer is a thin ceramic or composite shell that is applied directly onto the front of a tooth. It can correct minor cosmetic flaws. If a tooth is significantly damaged or if it’s undergone a root canal, the ideal option is the dental crown.

The many advantages of veneers:

  • Change the colour of a tooth
  • Cover a cracked or worn tooth
  • Change the shape of a tooth
  • Fill a space between two teeth (diastema)

Call us today for an appointment to find out if veneers are a suitable option for you. One of our team members will be happy to determine the ideal solution to enhance the beauty of your smile.