Centre Dentaire St-Luc


CEREC is an acronym for ceramic reconstruction. This innovative, quick and revolutionary method uses 3D photography and computer-assisted technology to design and manufacture ceramic restorations.

With this new technology, a dental restoration can be ready in just one appointment. CEREC is very useful to restore teeth that are cracked, have been damaged by a deep cavity or have undergone a root canal. The material used is very similar to the natural structure of a tooth, resulting in an effective restoration that can help preserve your tooth.

CEREC technology has many advantages:

  • Restorations are ready in just one appointment
  • They look great
  • They protect teeth, giving them their original strength back
  • Restorations are very durable
  • They act like natural teeth when chewing

One of your teeth needs to be restored? Contact us today to find out which options are available to you.